Lesson #3-Advanced Editing with Premiere

Objectives and Goals

  • Learn editing techniques to create a professional product.
  • Alter and fix sound problems using post production techniques.
  • Collaboratively edit a completed production.
  • Use proficient communication and design skills to conceive, develop, produce, edit, critique and revise multimedia projects that inform, educate or entertain while meeting accuracy, project and deadline requirements.

Directions: Complete all task, render, and upload to schoology. Make sure you include your name in a credit title as the editor. 

Part I. Lip Sync


For this project, your goal is to try and match the sound of both clips.

Download the sample footage if you have not already and use the sound track from Footage 5 and lay it on top of Footage 4.  Your goal is to try and match the sound on both clips.  You may have to use the razor tool to slice the audio and move it to match it to the original audio in Footage 4.Silent the audio track in Footage 4. Play your timeline.  Does the audio match the actors lip movements?Continue to adjust the audio until it matches.  The outcome may not be perfect, however you want to try to get the audio to match as much as possible.

Watch the following video clip, “Editing with Sound” or use the Vimeo Link.

Edit with Sound in AP CS5 from Dawn Guest on Vimeo.


Part II.  More to Keyframing


Using your sample edit file, add royalty free music and use keyframes to fade in and fade out music.  Render this file and post to your online portfolio for a grade.

Begin by watching the video lecture on Introduction to Keyframes.

keyframes from Dawn Guest on Vimeo.


Part III.  Editing Sound


In this project, you will work on editing sound and trying to remove unwanted noises. Use the footage from Editing Task II and fix the sound using Soundbooth or effects in Premiere.  Render your final copy and submit to your portfolio for grade.

Begin by watching the following video on editing sound:

editsound from Dawn Guest on Vimeo.

Part IV. ADR


  • Footage from Editing Task II in Introduction to editing
  • Computer
  • Editing software

In this project, students will use Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) to replace given sound.Using your sample edit from Editing Task II and the script, use voiceover to recreate the dialogue and ambient sound in the scene.  You may work in groups of two for this activity as you will need two voices, one male and one female.

Begin by watching the video lecture:

voiceover from Dawn Guest on Vimeo.

Part V.  Effect Controls

For this project, students will add a video transition and edit the effect in the effect control panel.Using your sample edit footage, add a video transition at the beginning or end of our edit.  Then adjust your effect in the effect controls panel in Premiere.

Begin by watching the following lecture:

effectcontrols from Dawn Guest on Vimeo.

Part VI.  Reflect!

What new skills did you learn in this editing unit? How will you continue to learn new editing techniques?  Are you ready for the Adobe Certification Assessment?


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