Lesson #2-Introduction to Editing

Objectives and Goals add comment

  • Identify the elements of a quality edit.
  • Become familiar with editing software and terminology.
  • Use editing terminology to analyze different edits.
  • Use editing software to create a professional edit.

Part I. Warm up reflection

Make a post in your portfolio discussing the following questions:

  1. In your experiences in editing prior projects, what are the qualities of a good edit?
  2. How do you create continuity in editing using different takes, angles, and points of view.
  3. How will you know what needs to be reshot or captured after reviewing the footage you have?


Part II.  What is Editing?

Open the following file:   editing_terminologyandanalysis

A.  While reading the websites below write the definition for each vocabulary word in the given table on the file above or editing_terminologyandanalysis .

B.  Watch the editing exercise video at http://introtoediting.com/my%20page.htmland write a short reflection on how editing changed the story in each cut.

Part III.  Editing Task I.

In this task, you will explore basic tools in Adobe Premier to create their first cuts of the sample footage. Your task is to make a first cut using the sample footage below. Using the sample footage below, create a Premiere file and edit footage together to create a continuous scene.


Share your final edit with your instructor and two other students.  Post a copy of your final edit on your portfolio.

Answer the following questions in your post on your portfolio for this lesson:

  • What were your challenges?
  • How did you overcome your challenges?  
  • What were your successes?


Part IV.  Tutorials

Watch tutorials, take notes, and practice!  While watching the videos below, capture notes on new insights. Use footage from your last film to practice each technique.

Note! – Please download flash instructional videos to hard drive before playing for optimal viewing.

    Resources for Really learning how to edit in Premiere

  1. Opening a File 1
  2. Understanding the Interface 2
  3. Importing Footage 3
  4. Handling Footage 4
  5. Basic Editing with the Selection Tool 5
  6. Razor Tool and Adjusting Speed 6
  7. Ripple Roll Insert Overlay 7
  8. Cross Dissolve 8
  9. Sound Key Frames 9
  10. More Sound Editing 10
  11. Adjust Keyframes-11
  12. Controlling Opacity with Keyframes 12
  13. Rotate Scale 13
  14. Keying 14
  15. Working with Photoshop Files PSD 15
  16. Flare 16
  17. Working with Titles 17
  18. Rolling Credits 18
  19. Color Correction 19
  20. Cross Dissolve with Effect Controls 20
  21. Vignette 21
  22. Censor Word 22
  23. Fixing Sound 23
  24. Sound 24
  25. Rendering Videos 25

Step 2- Editing assessment for Mastery


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