Step 2 – Accounts Set Up

I can set up my GMAIL, CELTX, WORDPRESS and post my SUBJECT and Story STructure in my Portfolio(wordpress)

  1. Objective 1: Begin by setting up a gmail email account. Go to and set up a gmail account. You may need your phone number for verification. If you do, please use your cell phone number. If you do not have a cell phone number, please ask someone next to you or in the class. I have used my cell phone number so much, I am banned.Once you have an email account, email me at . To email me, you need to compose a message. Do this by pressing the COMPOSE red button in the email menu. Under TO: type my email address which is . List a SUBJECT: your name (actually type your name in the subject – first and last name). Press the blue SEND button to send your email.
  2. Watch the following videos if you need help
  3. Create a free CELTx account with the gmail. Go to and register for a free screenwriting account. Be sure to add for a user on your CELTX account so I can grade your script.   CELTX offers a web based screenwriting program that can be downloaded home, on your phone, or anywhere you want to write.  Your scripts will be saved in your online CELTX database.  For safekeeping, I would download a copy to my own flashdrive.
  4. Create a account with this gmail.
  5. In account create a blog for this class. This is your online portfolio. Type a one page biography for your online portfolio using WORD program. Consider the audience, privacy, and a certain level of professionalism while you are writing. Use the spell check feature to fix spelling. Reread for grammatical errors. Once this is complete, copy(command +A to select and Command +C to copy) and paste(Command+V) into the ABOUT ME page of your blog.
    • Create 2 pages for this blog (About Me and My Resume)
    • Create two categories (My reflections and Completed Work).
    • See for an example. Every time you upload a post, you need to identify the category.
  6. Send an email to  with your information ( name, link to blog, and gmail address). In the subject of the email, type your first and last name followed by the period.
  7. Send another email to a different account with your and gmail credentials(account names and passwords).  I do not have access to  your account information.  If you lose your password(s), I can not assist you in accessing your accounts. Write this information down. Store it in a safe place.
  8. POST your SUBJECT in your portfolio!!  Make a new post and title this post MY Subject.  Type your subject in this post and press PUBLISH!
  9. Post your STORY subject to your portfolio. Make a new post and in this post title it MY story STructure.  Briefly describe your exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.  If you need help with those terms, please view the following video at this link:

All computer work due at the end of the period today. MAKE SURE YOU LOG out of ALL your accounts Today!!!


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